Being “self-centered” is never a bad thing. In fact, the key to a happy and fulfilled life is finding your true center (that part of you that is always true and lives without fear). Once you live from your center, you can unlock the life of your dreams in amazing and wonderful ways!

For over 30 years, Stephen Fofanoff has been helping people from all around the world find their center and unlock their dreams. This website brings it all together in one place: including a virtual bookshelf of recommended reading from a variety of authors and traditions, a podcast about harnessing spiritual truths to live your dream life, to a practical step by step online course and advanced one-on-one coaching to help you unlock your own dreams.

Meet Stephen Fofanoff

Stephen Fofanoff studied religion at Gonzaga University and has a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Mount St. Mary’s University. As an author and personal coach, Stephen endeavors to improve the quality of life of the people he reaches.

Stephen has helped people around the globe to realize their ideal lives. He resides in the Pacific Northwest with his artist husband, as well as Ponzu and Alex, their two shelter cats.

New epsiodes weekly – discussing practical ways we can harness spiritual truths to create a life worth living


Books that helped shape my spiritual journey. Perhaps they can help you on your journey as well.