Books to help you on your spiritual journey

Creation Seed (3 book series)

Creation Seed: Pocket Book of Love
Creation Seed: Pocket Book Of Abundance
Creation Seed: Pocket Book of Possibilities

By Stephen Fofanoff

What would it feel like if this book helped you create your dream life?

What if a book could unlock all of life’s answers for you?

What if you shared this book with all of your friends and you realized your perfect lives?

Can a book speak your soul’s language?

Open it and find out.


These books are comprised of carefully constructed questions based on the oldest spiritual principles and the latest scientific discoveries. Simply open the book each morning when you wake up or right before you go to sleep and read the two questions on the pages, sinking the possibilities deep within your mind. Allow your soul to respond.

A Spiritual Toolbox For The Modern Man: Ancient Knowledge Handbook – How to harness the Hermetic Principles and Kybalion to create your reality

By Stephen Fofanoff

Use a Tool; Don’t be a tool.

Finally, the perfect gift for the most important man in your life: YOU!

I’ve spent over fifty years researching, learning, and applying ancient hidden knowledge from around the world to improve my life. From ancient religions and texts like Kybalion to modern church movements, harness the power of spiritual truths in a practical step-by-step guide. Now you can skip that laborious step and apply everything I’ve learned! I’ve stripped away the religious and mystical language to distill this knowledge into practical, step-by-step instructions for you to follow to realize the life-changing power of this ancient hidden knowledge.

In the pages of this handbook, you’ll discover:
1. A foolproof way to be happy in this moment right now.
2. How to deal with unwanted feelings and what they’re trying to tell you.
3. How to block other people’s opinions to uncover your own truth.
4. How to harness your natural biology to experience better health, more wealth, and tremendous worth in your life.
5. When to retain your semen, plus when and how to release it to create magic in your life.
6. The practical work you need to do on your inner life to create the greatest benefits in your right now.

All this and more can be yours! Stop wondering when your life will get better and start seeing the good all around you.

I AM. YOU ARE.: The only instruction manual you’ll ever need for pursuing the life of your dreams

By Stephen Fofanoff

There are many religions, philosophies, self help books, movements, and teachers all offering glimpses of the truth. All of them can “get you there”, but what if there was an easier, more direct route to achieve a sense of peace and calm in your life?

Living the life of your dreams doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. You are literally built for it! When you stop living outside yourself and defining yourself by what you experience with your senses and instead turn within, you can live effortlessly, freely and fully. You can’t do this by trying to understand your way there, or by trying to “effort” your way there. Instead, learn to live in harmony with who already are. This book can help you get there.

Author Stephen Fofanoff has helped thousands of people move beyond all of the hype and struggle to discover their inherent spark of divinity–this book is the culmination of decades of working with clients to discover the simplest, quickest way to move beyond self-help to self-actualization.

You’re Not Broken: What Jesus Really Said and Why it Matters

By Stephen Fofanoff

You probably haven’t heard the true messages of Jesus. His words are so startling, so simple, and so different from anything you’ve heard in church. Once you hear them, you’ll wonder why more people aren’t shouting them from the rooftops!

This book will challenge everything you ever thought you knew about Jesus and Christianity. It will positively change your life, providing a simple way for you to access the depth of God’s love for you.

Once you realize how easy it is to bring love, happiness, and prosperity into your heart, your life will transform.


When you live from your center, you can unlock your dreams. The world around you is a reflection of your inner life. Change your mindset to change your life.


Meet Stephen Fofanoff

Stephen Fofanoff writes and mentors men with the aim of improving quality of life through the study and practical application of spiritual truths without regard for religious dogma and cultural semantics. He can be found at He studied religion at Gonzaga University and has a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Mount St. Mary’s University. As an author and personal coach, Stephen endeavors to improve the quality of life of the people he reaches. Stephen has helped people around the globe to realize their ideal lives. He resides in the Pacific Northwest with his artist husband as well as their two shelter cats.